In August 2015 one of our members visited Nepal and he noticed much destruction to private houses, schools and waterworks due to the earthquake.

The school was especially damaged and many classrooms were destroyed or damaged beyond repair. In order to support the students and the teachers, sheet metal and other poor materials were temporarily used to build walls and roofs which provided the opportunity to continue to study, attend classes and shelter the children from the monsoon. Due to the extreme heat of the sun, the classroom became like an oven and the noise of the rain was intolerable.

Pro Nepal decided to support them with a contribution of money to solve this situation and asked its local partner, SEO of Kathmandu, to plan a project. Pro Nepal received the project to build three classrooms in Autumn for the cost of 20.000 euro. Pro Nepal praised and approved the project and the building of the three classrooms began. At the beginning of March 2016 final invoices and expenses were sent to Pro Nepal.

During one of our member’s visit in March 2016, he realized that there was no space for the children’s play time during the break. Because of the steep slope, it was necessary to build a wall and a flat surface which cost almost 5.000 euro. Pro Nepal financed this project with donations from its members and also from Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio.

Flyers were distributed at Supermercati Poli-Regina in order to collect funds for these humanitarian projects. Other people decided to support this initiative and helped Pro Nepal with their donations.

Important information about the project:

  • Building of three classrooms in Tipchok – Kavrepalchok- Nepal
  • School’s name: Shree Bumimata Secondary School
  • Cost: almost 20.000 euro
  • Students: 250