Visiting Tipchok

Building of a school and water supply line

During a visit of several members of ProNepal’s board in autumn 2017, the board of the partner association SEO took them out to the town of Tipchok, where ProNepal started several initiatives following the earthquake in 2015.

This included around twenty corrugated iron roofs for temporary buildings for families in need and the project to construct a water supply system, including its funding.
Moreover, three school classes were finished by spring 2017 and handed over in the presence of South Tyrol’s governor.

After a rather adventurous journey through makeshift mountain roads, the delegation reached the town, situated on a mountain ridge. A warm and cordial welcome by the residents was followed by the inspection of the work on the water supply system.

Two almost finished freshwater reservoirs, the ongoing pipe laying and the building around the spring tapping were looked at. During the two-hour tour, a rather large crowd of community members joined the group. It was clearly visible that the local population was excited about the project.

Afterwards, the school where ProNepal funded the construction of the classrooms, was visited during lessons. A preschool class and first graders used the rooms above.

This part of the tour was concluded by showing a multi-purpose-room, funded by the government.

As the funding included only the construction of the said room, but not it’s furnishing and equipment, ProNepal was asked for partial funding regarding seating arrangements.

In this matter a detailed plan was presented only at the beginning of 2018,  followed by a basic consent by ProNepal to provide class equipment (chairs, tables, blackboard).