Drinking water supply in Sanga

New deep well and water tank of 100 cubic meters for expanding the drinking water system of Sanga

Funding project submitted

Sanga‘s old drinking water supply dates back to 1960 and was renewed in 1982. This plant supplied 13 public wells (water points) in different places of the village. In 2010 the new drinking water system Sangakot was built on the suggestion of the SEO Society for Each Other and with the financial support of ProNepal (South Tyrol) and the Autonomous Province of Bolzano. The successful completion of the work made it possible to supply 234 households with their own water points (one water point per household) with clean drinking water. Meanwhile, however, two sources (Samadole and Perunge Ban) have partially dried up. The landfill has been drastically reduced, especially after the earthquake of 2015. On the other hand, the need for water has steadily risen due to new settlements and natural population growth.

With the construction of a 120m deep well, enough drinking water will be supplied to the drinking water system to supply 200 new households, in addition to the 234 beneficiary households of the TW plant. This project aims to guarantee both financial support and the sustainability of the old project.

In addition, with the construction of the deep well, is necessary the realisation of a day balancing basin of 100 cubic meters and also the hydraulic connection of the well and the reservoir to the existing drinking water supply.

In January 2018, ProNepal submitted a project and the request for the financing of this project to the Autonomous Province of Bolzano.

The key data of the project:

  • Cost estimate:  total approx. 120,000 €, of which approx. 76,000 € in the first year and 44,000 € in the second year.
  • The own contribution of the population and ProNepal is also about 30%
  • Estimated construction time: approx. 2 years from the approval of the financing by the Autonomous Province of Bolzano and ProNepal.