Drinking water plant Sanga

Handover ceremony of the deep boring well in Sanga – Nepal

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Handover ceremony of the deep well in Sanga – Nepal

After more than three years of planning and construction, the extension of the drinking water plant in Sanga was recently completed.

On the occasion of the visit of some members of the ProNepal association in September this year, the new deep boring  well and a larger compensation tank  could be put into operation.

The partner association SEO – Society for Each Other from Kathmandu – together with the people of Sanga organised a festive handover ceremony of the plant.

The construction of the deep well and the compensation tank will adapt the drinking water system of Sanga to the increased demand for drinking water. Sanga built a water supply for every household for the first time in 2008 – 2010. ProNepal and the Autonomous Province of Bolzano supported this project. Due to the reduction of spring discharges after the earthquakes of 2015 and the simultaneous influx of many new families, the drinking water supply became increasingly scarce.

A long-term solution could only be guaranteed by the construction of a deep boring well with a compensation tank.

The total cost of the work was about 120,000 €, which was financed in two lots. The Autonomous Province of Bolzano contributed about 70 %. The rest was covered by ProNepal and the people’s own contributions.

MRS Margherita Köfler of the ProNepal Association has compiled a short film documentation on the history of the drinking water supply in Sanga since 2004 up to the handover ceremony.

It can be viewed under this link.

The film is recorded in German. On Youtube the subtitles in Italian and English can be activated via “Subtitles”, “Settings” and “Language Selection”.

Link to the film