Medical Rooms

Six schools in central Nepal have been equipped with a medical room.

During the third wave COVID-19 it is very important to set up a medical room at schools in remote areas. In an emergency aid from ProNepal and SEO „Society for Each Other“ and the Autonomous Province of South Tirol could be set up six rooms in this schools:

  • Bhimeshwor-primary school – Namo Buddha
  • Chakra Jyoti Secondary School – Bhaisepati
  • Chakreshwor Secondary School – Chyamrangbenhsi
  • Ganesh Bharati Secondary School – Mahendrajyoti
  • Mahendra-Secondary School – Sanga

Recently another room in Bhaisepati, Banepa district, has been opened due to a financial donation money provided by ProNepal. Our Partner SEO in Nepal equipped the Medical Rooms with a complete hospital bed, a cabinet, chair and desk and a fan. Additionally are there a basic set of medication and medical accessories (first aid, chirurgic mask, disinfectant, etc.).

Currently only the Chakreshwhor Secondary School in Chyamrangbesi has got a nursing staff. In the other schools a teacher is responsible for the medical room, who has got a first aid training.


The medical rooms benefits children and teacher in many ways. It is important during the pandemic, it helps in case of injuries and, in addition, it can be used as a room for mothers and their babies and their specific needs.