Tiffin for School Children

ProNepal supports meal for 2 schools in Kavrepalanchowk

In the community school many children come from quite a distance so after the tiffin break children cannot concentrate on study due to empty stomach. Realizing this bitter fact Nepal government announced to provide tiffin at school for the children till Grade 5. But Government provides just RS. 10 per child. Which is very very low. One is Shree Chakreswhor Secondary school in Chyamrangbesi and another is Shree Mahendra Secondary School in Sanga. In total 165 children will benefit from this program, 65 children from Shree Chakreshwor High School and 100 children from Shree Mahendra Secondary School. We are supporting these two schools for 3 months – January to March of 2022. We will review the program and get feedback from the children, parents and school administration and decide whether we should continue this program for coming academic year starting in April as well.

The meal will be provided with a weekly cooking plan. The costs for 3 months are about 4000 €, this is 35 € Cent for one child a day.