Calendar 2023

The new calendar 2023  is now available for viewing and downloading.

For several years now, ProNepal has been printing a desk calendar with photos that have to do with our activities and with Nepal in the broadest sense.

The theme for the new year is “OUR PROJECTS“.

These pictures send an impression of our visits in September 2022. We were overwhelmed by the joy and the gratefulness shown by our
partners in Nepal. Now we are more motivated in order to carry on with new reliance.

With this desk calendar ProNepal would like to express its gratitude once again for the support and donations of numerous friends of Nepal.

Photoraps by:  Ernst & Prakriti Preyer, Riccardo & Devi Ruffini, Christine De Mario, Margherita Köfler, Evelyn Weithaler

Calendar 2023