Nepal’ cuisine


The new calendar 2021  is now available for viewing and downloading.

For several years now, ProNepal has been printing a desk calendar with photos that have to do with our activities and with Nepal in the broadest sense.

The theme for the new year is “Nepal’s cuisine“.

Dhal Bhat is the national dish: basmati rice with lentils, vegetables and/or meat. Momos, usually artfully shaped filled ravioli, are also popular. Nepalese cuisine is simple and, thanks to its many spices, also very tasty and usually spicy.

With this desk calendar ProNepal would like to express its gratitude once again for the support and donations of numerous friends of Nepal.

Photographs by : 01-08 Margherita Köfler, 09 Hanna Battisti, 10-12 Maggie Wohlgemuth