Emergency support to fight against Covid-19 in Nepal Equipment for five isolation centres

ProNepal with the support of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano finance 5 isolation centres in the districts of Kathmandu and Kavrepalanchowk with the necessary equipment, medicines and food for patients and nursing staff.

All countries of the world are more or less severely affected by the ongoing Corona crisis. Especially in the poorer countries of the global South, however, people are very often left to cope with the situation on their own. The government can usually only take and finance minimal effective measures.

For the year 2020, the Autonomous Province of Bolzano has called on associations in our Province  to submit project proposals for the benefit of the population groups most affected by the pandemic in the partner countries of the global South with considerable difficulties in the health, economic and social sectors.

ProNepal has been following the situation in Nepal since the beginning of March and has immediately tried to react to the most severe problems with immediate measures within the framework of its financial possibilities. (see reports 2020,  4th of May  and  2020, 29th of October on this homepage) Thus, ProNepal and SEO could offer some help during the hard lockdown that lasted 120 days.

In the second phase of this crisis, other forms of support are now needed, especially in the care of symptomatic as well as asymptomatic people infected by Corona. Positively tested people with symptoms can be treated in the public and private facilities, but patients without symptoms must isolate themselves for two weeks. Ideally, this is done in people’s own homes. But those who live in constraint quarters have to be admitted, cared for and looked after in so-called isolation centres. Nursing staff is tough to find, and volunteers have to help out. However, the helpers lack sufficient protective equipment and disinfectants.

ProNepal and its partner organisation SEO (Society for Each Other from Kathmandu) consider it necessary to equip five isolation centres in the districts of Kathmandu and Kavrepalanchowk with protective equipment and to provide material support. The patients and caregivers should be provided with all necessary safety equipment, essential medicines and food. In this way, the patients can be treated in a safe environment with a certain guarantee, and the caregivers must be protected in the best possible way.

The project will cost approximately €30,000. Special thanks go to the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, Presidency  and External Relations, Office for External Relations and Volunteers, which will support this initiative with about 70 % ( 20.844 €). The rest will be paid directly by ProNepal and the population.

The project is scheduled to last three months. Depending on the development of the crisis and the acceptance of these isolation stations by the population, ProNepal and SEO already have to think about a subsequent continuation or an adaptation.