Report of the ProNepal’s Covid-19 support

Situation report – October 2020

Since the beginning of March 2020, ProNepal and its local partners have been trying to counteract the effects of the corona crisis in Nepal. This was already reported in earlier reports.

Until the end of September, the following measures were financed:

Food support Rs. 10,98,132.00 (approx. 8.100 €)
Personal safety equipment and medical items – Rs.1,39,150.00 ( approx. 1.030 € )
Medical assistance – Rs. 1,70,000.00 ( approx. 1.250 € )
Total expense – Rs. 14,07,282 ( about 10.400 € )

Following works have been carried out during  this project.

1) 400 families supported with food packages
2) Support of the food items preparation centre for the less fortunate residents of the Pashupati Temples
3) supported 1350 people on  the streets with cooked food and some mask for the volunteers
4) Support for of an isolation centre with personal protective equipment, face shield and mask
5) 20 food packages sent to the victims of the Sindhupalchok landslide
6) Distribution of sanitizer and face masks to the local leaders of 14 village development committees to distribute the needy and active social workers.
7) Food packages for 106 families of sponsored children
8) Cooked food support in Banepa, 105 – 125 people per day until just before the Dashain festival. This programme should continue during Dashain. However, we assume that there will not be enough volunteers available on these holidays. Therefore, on the last day, the volunteers will be distributing food packages, including clothes for the Dashain Festival.
9) Medical support for 22 vulnerable people suffering from various serious diseases such as tumours, diabetes or other chronic diseases
10) For four days, 350 people in Tilganga near Pashupati received food aid.
11) The Boudha Briddha Ashram (retirement home) in Banepa provided food for one month
12) Food distributed for one month to the Prannath Maiti Ashram (retirement home) in Panauti

A big thank you goes to SEO, the Society for Each Other, our local partner in Nepal, for the organisation and implementation of the above aid actions. SEO invests a lot of time and also their own money in these voluntary activities.
Everyone that knows Nepal at the slightest, can imagine how much work, talks, discussions with many participants and authorities are necessary to be able to implement such projects successfully.