Completion of the school in Buwase

Sinduphalchok District

We have the pleasure to be able to announce the sucessfull completion of the reconstruction of the Shree Sundara Basic school in Buwase.

With the support of our local partner in Nepal, Ms Buddhi Maya Sherpa it was possible to help this remote village which is located 5 hours away from Kathmandu, in direction Jiri. Reaching the village is solely possible via a steep and adventurous road.

Most of the villagers are Tamang and live from agriculture. Through the earthquake they have lost almost everything.

‪On the 9th of December‪ the school was inaugurated in the presence of Buddhi Maya Sherpa as representative of ProNepal and the entire village. It was a big party and a great pleasure. The children also received school bags and books and the joy was great.

The village chief said in his speech that no person or organisation ever visited their village and it was the first time that they received help.

Many, many thanks to all the helpers and supporters!