Zoo Visit

Trip to the Zoo with the children of a home in Kathmandu

In the fall of 2017, some board members visited the homes where our godparentship support some children. Among them was the home ‚Sahayoghi Samaj‘ in Kathmandu. A bag full of clothes, colours and books were brought and handed to the home office. With the money donated to us for a trip, we invited the children to visit a zoo followed by a meal. ProNepal contributed a part of the costs so that all children could come along. 13 children and 4 companions were picked up at home, then accompanied by several taxis to Jawalakhel, which is located at the other end of the city and is the only zoo in Kathmandu. Travelling with the kids was an exciting experience, and the whole visit with the children and board members of ProNepal was great fun.

After about three hours in the zoo, the whole group went to lunch. Chaomein Noodles and Momos were served, all children got a drink and lastly, there were two scoops of ice cream for everyone.

In previous visits, board members had noticed an uncontrolled behaviour of the children, but this time the members felt that the home management had better control of the children.

It was very hard saying goodbye to the children.