15 Year Celebration ProNepal on 21st of September 2019

Letter of thanks to the members, godparents, sponsors and friends

On Saturday 21st of September we celebrated the 15th anniversary of our organisation with a big event in Tschems. About a year ago we started planning and organising, and over time many helping hands lined up like puzzle pieces and created a wonderful celebration. The location in Tscherms was kindly provided to us once again free of charge by the council. The music bands Annika Borsetto and Tom Blaas, Mas que Nada, Frederik Helmut Pinggera and Nodistance, who have musically framed the celebrations.

Two super chefs stirred pots and pans from eleven o’clock in the morning until nine o’clock in the evening and the 2.200 Momos (typical Nepali dish), which we had prepared weeks in advance under the guidance of Asha Lama, found their way to happy bellies. Homemade cakes were served and the 250 Ultner ‘Krapfen’ (typical South Tyrollean sweet) sold out in a matter of an hour. We worked hard on keeping waste to a minimum so many hard-working helping hands were washing dishes and clearing tables all day in order for us to keep the event as little wasteful as possible.

From the Alpenverein section Lana and the South Tyrolean mountain rescue team, a climbing tower was built and

a make-up corner provided, as well as the Spielverein Dinx.

The lottery with 150 prices was very successful and the winning price, a whole ‘Hamme’ of bacon even went to Vienna.

Likewise the art auction attracted many curious visitors displaying artworks of local as well as Nepalese artists and Sarah has once again looked after those interested with great professionalism and discretion.

Furthermore the small Nepali handicrafts sold at the market stall have found many buyers.

The highlights of our celebrations were certainly the two lectures of our guest speakers from Nepal who reported very vastly on the political situation and the situation after the earthquake as well as the origins and impact of our cooperation.

In-between the lectures and talks, Asha Lama and Chandra Kala Dahal presented her beautiful Nepalese dance performances.

Mrs. Margot Schwienbacher moderated the party with much sympathy and empathy, in between there were short speeches by our previous Landeshauptmann Dr. Luis Durnwalder and Mayor of Tscherms Mr. Roland Pernthaler

who were present as guests of honour.

As a surprise, two local couples donated on the occasion of their wedding anniversary a sum to the organisation.

The cherry on the top was the film screening of Mr. Siegfried Schnitzer from Lana who had collected film material as part of a trip to Nepal and turned it into a film with impressions of our projects and everyday life in Nepal.

A big thank you to all volunteers and visitors who all contributed to making this festival a success! All proceeds of the festival will be used to buy hearing aids for 17 children / adolescents in Nepal.

A special thank you goes to the sponsors such as the Stiftung Südtiroler Sparkasse and the Volksbank Algund. Without the benevolent support of the local government and the mayor of Tscherms it would have been impossible for our small organisation to organise this wonderful event.