Festive speech to download

Speech from MRS Jaya Rajbhandari Pradhan and MR Prachanda Raj Pradhan

On the occasion of the benefit event for the 15th anniversary of the association ProNepal on September  21th, 2019 in Tscherms, our Nepalese partners of the association S.E.O. – Society For Each Other from Kathmandu (Nepal) held two speeches.

Here you can download both lectures in English, German or Italian.

The invitation of the two speakers was made possible by a financial support from the Foundation  Südtiroler Sparkasse.

Speech from  MR Prachanda Raj Pradhan :

The current political and economic situation in Nepal after the last elections, with particular attention to the reconstruction after the 2015 earthquake


Englisch                    German             Italian

Speech from MRS Jaya Rajbhandari Pradhan:

Experiences and effects of ProNepal’s project activities, with special attention to the situation of women and children


Englisch                    German             Italian