Support for the Shree Sundardevi School in Buwase – Nepal

District of Sindhupalchok

At the end of 2017, the Shree Sundardevi Basic School in Buwase, Balephi Rural Municipality (Sindhuphalchok), which was severely damaged by the earthquake of 2015, was rebuilt. The association ProNepal could provide the financial means, and Mrs Buddhi Maya Sherpa coordinated the reconstruction. ( see the link to our previous report)

Considering that this is an impoverished area, it is difficult for the school, which don’t receive any support from the government, to buy furniture, school materials and computers for the lessons. It is also really hard for the families of the children to pay for school materials and uniforms.

At the end of last year, the Chairman of the school Committee asked the ProNepal Association to support in this regard. The Board of ProNepal approved the request and commissioned Mrs Buddhi Maya Sherpa again to organize the purchase and the delivery.

At the beginning of February 2020, ProNepal received the following report from Mrs Buddi Maya Sherpa.

Dear ProNepal board,

After your approval, I immediately got to work.

I asked the school committee chief to bring a tailor to Buwase from the nearby village of Kharechaur and take the measurements of all children.

Then we ordered the school uniforms for girls and boys and I asked my sister Mingma and the employee Pema to order for all students some sport wear or casual clothing.

In the meantime, I ordered the backpacks and had everyone embroidered with the Pro Nepal logo. In 2011 we ordered backpacks from the same company for another school and they are so good quality and strong that the children still use them today.

While the sewing work was going on, I found a print shop and wanted to order 500 notebooks. The boss said if I order 1000 pieces it’s much cheaper so I ordered 1000 pieces of notebooks with the Pro Nepal logo.

They delivered everything in time for Nepalese conditions. We stored everything in my office, then I asked Mingma and Pema to buy the missing equipment for the office and classroom. They bought 2 cupboards, 2 office tables with drawers, 5 office chairs and a few small items. So that the children can already wear their new clothing this winter, Mingma and Pema have rented a small truck and on January 17th and drove from KTM to Buwase. Together with the school committee head and the teachers everything was handed out. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t good, it was raining and cold. There are no minus degrees there, but there is no house insulation, carpeting and heating, even 3-4 degrees plus and rain feels very cold there. Nonetheless, the children were very happy.

Now the only things missing are a few desktop PCs to practice for the 5th grade. I have commissioned this to a knowledgeable young man in KTM, he sourced and picked high-quality PCS, to buy after consultation with me and finally to go there and give instructions to the students. All this will happen in the next few days / weeks. On behalf of Buwase School, Buwase children and parents, I thank you for your help!

 See you soon and Namaste