The new statute of ProNepal eV now adapted in accordance to the new regulations of the so-called third sector

ProNepal seeks recognition as legal persons under private law

A law from 2017, which newly regulates the so-called third sector, made it necessary for ProNepal to amend its statutes. In an extraordinary general assembly on September 2nd 2020 held in Lana, the members of the association approved the new statute under notary supervision.

The essential changes became necessary in connection with the intended recognition of the legal personality.

For this purpose, the association must apply for registration in the provincial register of legal persons under private law. The legal personality is then granted by decree of the President of the Province.

The name of the association also changed to ProNepal eV in German / ProNepal OdV in Italian.

Many thanks go to the notary Dr Gian Luigi Salaris, who provided his service pro bono and thus supported the activities of ProNepal. A big thank you also goes to all members who had to leave the association at short notice to then re-register to it again to comply with the minimum number of members with voting rights and maximum attendance due to the current corona restrictions.

Download the new statute (in german only)