Last News: Drinking water project Sanga: The project develops in an autonomous way.


According to Mrs. Jaya Rajbhandari ( Association SEO -Society of each other) from Kathmandu, the village of SANGA is developing in a positive manner. This is to reaffirm of our vice president’s impressions about Sanga during his last personal visit in 2014.

A few years ago, a new drinking water plant was built in Sanga. The project for the construction of the plant was financially supported by the ProNepal association and the local government of Bolzano, i.e. the Autonomous Province of Bolzano (year 2010).

As a result of the good water supply, many new houses and even hotels were built in the village. Also, in Sanga was built the tallest statue in the world in honor of the god Lord Shiva. Today the statue is an attraction for many tourists and locals alike.

As an extension of the existing drinking water plant, last year the local population initiated the construction of a second water tank. Furthermore, the Nepalese government has already agreed to give its financial support for the construction of a deep- well recharge, since the village’s spring discharge is going to be insufficient in the near future. There’s no immediate access to this funding, but it will be available within the next few years.