Visiting the supported children

At the beginning of March 2017, a member of Pro Nepal spent some time in Kathmandu where he visited the Institute Aishworya, the Institute Sahayogi Samai and the Society for each other (SEO). He also met the children supported by some members of Pro Nepal. Before he left Italy, they gave him some gifts and letters for them. The Institute Helping Hands for the deaf has been visited by our contact person of SEO, who has given out letters and gifts to the deaf children who live there.

Pro Nepal is supporting 60 children through these Associations.

Meeting the children was touching; thanks to our support, they can attend classes, a lot of them can live in the institutes where nurses can take care of them. We have been supporting lots of these children for many years, therefore sometimes after finishing school, they´re going back home. Attending classes will be helpful in order to keep on living.