One family in Bolzano donated 270 euro in order to buy food for the Orphanage Bal Mandir. A member of Pro Nepal has bought 12 sacks with 25 kg rice (300 kg), 25 kg yellow lentils, 25 kg green lentils, 25 kg sugar, 2 kg tea and 10 l oil (total amount: 270 euro).

Food has been bought in his presence and hauled to Bal Mandir, where the Director got it, emitted a standard receipt and wrote a thanksgiving letter, which has already been sent to the family who made the donation.

State of the orphanage:

The earthquakes in 2015 have seriously damaged the Institute which risks crumbling, therefore the total amount to rebuild it would be very high. At the moment almost 80 children are living in temporary buildings, whereas others have moved to different Institutes.

Before the earthquake 200-300 children were hosted in the Orphanage Bal Mandir in Kathmandu.