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Si cerca di rientrare nell’edificio, ma le scosse secondarie impongono ai bambini di trovare riparo sotto teloni provvisori. Purtroppo fa molto freddo e piove forte. Si ha timore che malattie possano diffondersi, visto che tante persone devono dividersi i pochi spazi liberi. L’istituto stesso ha subito danni alla fondazioni, nessuno da una garanzia che si possa rientrare in casa. Per questo sono stati preparati alti ripari temporanei con teloni, in attesa che le scosse secondarie finiscano. I pochi negozi che tengono aperti sono giá quasi vuoti. Si teme che i generi alimentari e l’acqua si esauriscano .

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We have been alright. And from yesterday evening it has started to rain and it is cold. We are so worried about our children. Yesterday we had moved in but again there was an aftershock so we moved back to tent without taking chances.  But the cold weather is a problem now. Also we are scared of epidemic outbreak in the camp site as it is having too many people in a small space. Our building where we had shifted has been damaged to its base and no one is suggesting us to move in which we feel is correct. Now we have managed alternative shelter for the time being for our children but we can move in only when the aftershocks would stop completely.  I am attaching some pictures along with this mail. Also, since market is not properly open and those which are open are also almost empty so we are scared of running out of food and water. We will be updating you about the situations. Let’s pray that this would end as quickly as possible. Namaste!