Women and organic farming

This project aims to empower women in rural areas of Nepal, through income generation and knowledge transfer in the context of an organic model farm.

This project was implemented with the financial support of Pro Nepal, and other project partners in Austria, under the leadership of Chay Ya Nepal.

Over a period of 24 months, the sustainable operation of a model farm in Mulkot (Dang district) was implemented in this project. The farm serves as a regional pivotal project and serves as a demonstration and training centre for organic farming, small animal husbandry and the processing and marketing of fruit and vegetables according to the principles of agroforestry.

The project has trained 47 local women in vegetable production so that they can apply the agricultural practices they have learnt in their own fields. Attention was paid to local and traditional agricultural techniques. Some of the crops are sold by the women on local markets in order to generate a higher income. An expansion of this infrastructure is planned for the near future.

In addition to improving the food security of local families and combating malnutrition among children and adults, the project also includes concrete measures to increase household income as well as the establishment and support of a strong women’s organisation (agricultural cooperative) and a women’s committee. In this way, the project makes an important contribution to strengthening general resilience at individual, household and village level and to empowering women in the region.