Dr. RA Helene Egger Matscher

Obituary for the founder of ProNepal

On 29 June 2021, Helene Egger Matscher, the founder of the ProNepal association, suddenly and unexpectedly passed away at the age of 67.

Helene was a lawyer with her own law firm in Meran (South Tyrol). But she also liked to be a globetrotter, travelling with her husband and friends. During a trip to Nepal, inspired by her brother Leo’s family, she had the idea of founding an aid organisation to improve the educational opportunities of children and the living conditions of women in Nepal.

The idea was enthusiastically received by friends, acquaintances and a group of adoptive parents whose children also came from Nepal. So Helene Egger Matscher in November 2004 together with those friends founded the ProNepal association based in Meran.

She served as chairperson for many years and invested a lot of time and energy in building up and working in the association. It was an enormous advantage and a stroke of luck that Helene was able to take over all legal matters with her knowledgeable expertise. This allowed the association to skilfully overcome all (bureaucratic) obstacles. Above all, improving the living conditions of Nepalese children and women was close to her heart. Even before the association was founded, she took on a sponsorship through one of her many contacts. This resulted in 10 years of support for a needy girl and finally an intimate friendship. Further sponsorships followed and a first group of children was given a solid school education. Over time, up to 80 children were supported annually through sponsorships promoted by Helene Egger Matscher.

Helene was particularly committed and in charge of projects for the educational development of children, several schools were built and appropriately equipped, various homes were supported in order to promote orphans or children and young people with impairments. She was also very concerned about improving the living conditions of women, which is why she also carried out several projects in this area.

With her great knowledge of human nature, her empathy, her critical judgement and her farsightedness, Helene often helped us to make the right decisions. She always had an open ear for other opinions and never imposed her views, but always sought balance within our association. Despite declining health, Helene worked with restraint, but when necessary with perseverance, for the needs of the people in Nepal until the end. She had further plans and it will be an honour for us to carry on with the projects of ProNepal association in her spirit.

With her we lose a great person, a supporting pillar of the association and a wonderful companion. We will miss Helene, her pleasant and unobtrusive manner, her competence and warmth, her view of the whole. But what she has sown is great and will continue to bear fruit and we will do our utmost to continue the association in her spirit.