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Saimarang is a small village in the centre of Nepal. Pro Nepal has been helping this village to build a water main by assuring financial support. Shortly before the beginning of the construction of the water main, the government announced that it would build the water main not only for Saimarang, but even for other villages close to it. Since ProNepal was asked by the school of Saimarang for help to support the construction of a classroom containing a science laboratory.

Because there was no science laboratory available to the students in Saimarang, it was necessary for them to go to Pokhara by taking a bus or walking great distances. Due to the absence of a laboratory in the village, both teachers and students were forced to spend much time and money to attend the school in Pokhara.

In December, 2015, the village sent us a proposal for the project estimating 7.000 €. Work started after our financial support arrived in January 2016, and, in March 2016, part of the building was completed. The size of the classroom was increased, and Pro Nepal approved of what was decided. The final cost of the labour was 10.000 euro.