Would you support a child in Nepal?

Helping People and economic supports

After the earthquakes in April and May, hard times began for Nepal. The houses of the families of our children were barely damaged and destroyed but fortunately all survived.

Unfortunately 8 children of the Aishworya Institute are still missing and we think that they died during the earthquakes. The Sahayogi Samaj Institute has been damaged and the children have been moved to another place where they had to live outside for a while.

Schools have been closed for a long time. Now the situation is getting better but unfortunately at the end of September India closed its borders close to Nepal in order to avoid the importation of gas, food and medicines.

Due to the lack of buses, children cannot go to school and attend classes. They have to fight daily against this bad situation. They also face a difficult and dramatic year in the month which will be very cold for them.

We collaborate with several organizations and facilities:


Remote & economic support to structures

Society for Each Other (SEO), Kathmandu

Reference person: Jaya

Children come from many different parts of the region, sometimes far away from Kathmandu. They live with their families and because of our help they can attend classes.

We could support and help 26 children (Sujal, Pooja, Ranijta, Sunena, Srijan, Manisha, Krisha, Rai, Diksyha B, Anil, Reshma, Srijana, Radip, Rita, Asmita, Sangita, Sweety, Sreejana, Kripa, Bipana, Sidharta, Dikshya K, Salina, Priyanka, Sudarshan und Muskan).

There’s the opportunity to help and support this initiative with any donations at any time.


Sahayogi Samaj Nepal (Sasane), Kathmandu

Reference person: Aruna K. Baidya

This is the smallest Institute and we’ve been in touch with Aruna since December 2014. 14 children are living in this place. Many of them were found on the streets and sometimes in shock due to the earthquake. We’re currently taking care of 8 children.


Helping Hands for the deaf (HDD) – Support for young deaf children of Nepal

Helping hands for the deaf (HHD) is a not profitable organization running a hostel for underprivileged deaf children of Nepal. At present, there are 19 deaf children, 2 boys and 17 girls. They belong from 8 to 20 years age group. They are studying in different grades in Central Higher Secondary School for the Deaf , Naxal, Kathmandu.

Helping hands of the Deaf aims to provide quality education to all the deaf children, thereby fulfilling their dreams to build a better future. Our motto is equality in education and we want to be their strong pillar to support to make them better persons. We provide education with hygienic food and other required basic facilities.


  • We are a non-profitable NGO and work for a social cause
  • We provide hostel for deaf children
  • We provide hygienic breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks to kids
  • Provide all the necessary materials and other learning resources
  • We organize awareness programs on education, society and health
  • We pay attention to the hygiene and health of these children.

We believe that the opportunity to pursue an education or life skill’s vocational training will empower deaf children to become self sustaining, contributing members of family ultimately to the society.