Reporting on public financing

Association Pro Nepal – Tax number 90139430219 -Law No 124 of August 4th, 2017

Payment datePayment amountPayment agencyReason
30/07/2020€ 6.438,26Ministry of FinancePayment of the aid 5 per thousand 2018
Payment datePayment amountPayment agencyReason
07/08/2019€ 9.168,69Ministry of FinancePayment of the aid 5 per thousand 2017
09/08/2019€ 20.700,40Autonomous Province Bolzano/BozenPayment on account Deep well in SANGA – second part
24/09/2019€ 7.383,40Autonomous Province Bolzano/BozenBalance payment drinking water plant TIPCHOK (Nepal)
Payment datePayment amountPaying agencyReason
03/08/2018€ 35.742,00Autonomous Province of Bolzano/BozenConstruction of a deep well in Sanga Nepal
16/08/2018€ 11.803,03Ministry of FinancePayment of aid 5 per thousand 2016